, an Internet technology company that's a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) & HUBZone business.     

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Links to subsidiaries:, John M. Kocol is working on bringing commercialized Direct Coal Liquefaction (DCL) technology to the United States., converting CO2 to methanol offers an amazing opportunity for humanity. John M. Kocol believes that converting coal to oil using the latest clean technology, and then converting the CO2 to methanol will bring energy independence in a very clean and efficient way., American Football Miniature Figures, which are all proudly made in the United States., women working to end hunger (tm), hires models for our Great Looking Women fashion clothing line. Our clothes are manufactured in the United States of America, and 10% of the purchase price of our products are contributed to fighting hunger which is a plague that is growing in this world that we all live in. Great Looking Women will be a global brand. We'll offer: Great Looking Women Hats, Great Looking Women Coats, Great Looking Women Shirts, Great Looking Women Dresses, Great Looking Women Purses, Great Looking Women Pants, Great Looking Women Shoes. NOTE THAT WE ARE NOW FOCUSING ONLY ON WOMEN'S WINTER CLOTHING., we're an Ivy League alumni speakers bureau that gives 25% of our speaking fees to deserving students seeking an Ivy League education., a website for DC loans., John M. Kocol is a former U.S. Army medic., we'll soon provide our Swim With The Sharks repellent wetsuits at Meanwhile, on 2/5/13, received about 10,400,000 Google search results which were even more than which received about 8,850,000 Google search results!, John M. Kocol, an American Cold War Veteran, is starting to write his book: "The Cold War.", & are USMEX ENERGY companies.