Kocol LLC, a Federal Government Contracting company that's a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and HUBZone Small Business.     

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John Michael Kocol, ALM Harvard, Disabled American Veteran, is a U.S. Army Veteran who served as a Medic; he's the manufacturer of Kocol Medic Kits (TM), and the inventor of Portable Kocol Coal to Oil & CO2 to Methanol Plants (TM)and supplier of bottled water at Zwater.com. As a VA verified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and an SBA certified HUBZone Small Business, we specialize in coal to oil, CO2 to methanol and methane to methanol conversion, management consulting, and real estate development which includes Internet properties; John has been buying domains (Internet real estate) and building websites since 1999; his team now offers e-commerce consulting to commercial and government clients for $100 per hour.      

Kocol LLC is a conglomerate; here are our affiliates:  

ACMfuel.comAmerican-Canadian-Mexican fuel company, our specialties are coal to oil, CO2 to methanol and methane to methanol conversion. 

Coal2Oil.com, John M. Kocol seeks to make converting coal to oil a clean process by calling on coal, oil and gas companies to take the enormous amounts of CO2 that coal to oil creates, and then to convert the CO2 to methanol 

, we are a company that promotes CO2 to methanol conversion. This will result in 1 billion people worldwide that live without electricity to finally receive it without increasing global CO2 levels, and CO2 to methanol conversion will help to replace ethanol, made from corn which causes many to go hungry, with renewable methanol which is made from CO2, methane, coal and natural gas. John wrote about converting CO2 to methanol 3 years before that technology became commercialized in Iceland.  

eQuarterback.com, a fantasy football website. 

GreatLookingWomen.com, this is a women's fashion clothing magazine, and we're looking for remote writers.

IvyLeagueSpeakers.com, we're an Ivy League alumni speakers bureau that gives 25% of our speaking fees to deserving students seeking an Ivy League education.

JohnKocol.com, website for Kocol LLC. 

Kocol.IT, we build websites for commercial and government clients. 

KocolRealty.com, we focus on purchasing commercial properties and leasing them to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and we also develop and sell Internet real estate.  

LoansDC.com, this is for sale.  

MalaysianTreasures.com, we'll bring the finest Malaysian items to your door! 

Medics4America.com, John M. Kocol, a U.S. Army Veteran who served as a Medic, seeks to provide consulting and training services to the VA about the Intermediate Care Technician (ICT) pilot program. 

Methane2Methanol.com, this is a very difficult conversion that will require further experimentation.    

, we'll become an organiztion that will protect our Great Lakes from polluters.  

SwimWithTheSharks.com, on 2/5/13, SwimWithTheSharks.com received about 10,400,000 Google search results which were even more than BarackObama.com which received about 8,850,000 Google search results! 

TheColdWar.us, this will be a magazine about the Cold War. 

, we'll supply the VA with vegan products.  

Zwater.com, we will supply Federal, State and Local agencies with bottled water.